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It's very lofty to say we're dedicated to making this world a better place, but we are. We also strongly believe that positive action should start in the companies and organisations which surround and occupy us every day.

Whether we use their services, work for them, or are otherwise involved in how they shape society, the environment, shared ideas -- or a combination of these -- there are myriad organisations, large and small, which we all contribute to and take from.  

Healthy organisations have contented and confident people. Contented and confident people make healthy organisations.

For decades now, we've been professionally occupied in assessing companies’ situations and working to find appropriate solutions, usually facilitated by expert software. Hundreds of cases have taught us and enriched our experiences. 

This blog aims to condense our findings and most proven methods for organisational improvement. Whatever your own roles in organisations you relate to, we hope to provide insights, intriguing thoughts and implementable solutions.

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Best regards, Mike Harsanyi and Paul Barrett


Woodpecker smartERP®
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Woodpecker Software


Mike Harsanyi

Mike has worked in computing since graduating from Bristol University in Computer Science (1990). For 15 years he has been CEO of Woodpecker Software, a leading custom-builder of ERP systems for SMEs (and some larger companies) in Hungary. 

Mike was previously CEO of an apparel industry company and of a web design company before Woodpecker's founding in 2005. 


Through Woodpecker, Mike has successfully championed bespoke software for each different company’s needs, problems, processes and people. 


He advocates robust Return on Investment criteria for corporate software and is the founding father of Woodpecker Creation and of “smartERP” standards and methodology. Mike is now also leading the British company, WPSoftware Ltd.

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Paul Barrett

Paul was originally a magazine business-to-business journalist, with additional writing credits for UK national newspapers and newsletters. 


He founded and was CEO of a successful business-to-business marketing communications company, Barrett Dixon Bell (BDB), serving clients in Britain, Europe and America.

Following a buy-out of BDB, Paul went to Los Angeles to produce, direct and company-manage for Capricorn TV, making and distributing non-fiction entertainment half-hours for US local stations and European broadcasters. Paul then moved from LA to Canada where he continued with the distribution side of this business.

After five years in Canada, Paul returned to Britain, embarking on an academic second career. He studied and did doctoral research in rehabilitative neuroscience.

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